Natural Ingredients Your Baby Will Benefit From

Coconuts with a jar of coconut milk

As parents, we always want only the best for our babies. A baby’s skin is 3 times thinner than an adult’s. The surface area of a baby’s skin is three to five times larger than ours. What does this mean?

It basically means it is of paramount importance for parents to check the ingredients of each and every baby product before their little bubs use them.

Importance of natural ingredients for babies

There are many studies on harmful effects of chemical ingredients found in baby products. Natural ingredients on the other hand are comparatively safer. As parents, we need to decide what ingredients we are allowing to get in touch with our babies’ skin. It is as important as choosing what to apply to the baby. Only natural ingredients are not enough; they have to be safe for our little sweethearts.

Vicks understands parents’ concern for a mild and safe rub for their little ones. Vicks BabyRub is specially made in consultation with baby-skin experts and is formulated for babies as young as 3 months old. It also contains natural ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil that can help soothe moisturize and comfort babies. Let’s find out more about these ingredients:

Coconut oil: There are many benefits of coconut oil for a baby’s skin. It moisturizes the skin and its anti-inflammatory properties make it perfect for a baby’s delicate skin. Its benefits include easing dryness of the scalp and hair, natural moisturizing for the baby’s skin, help in soothing diaper rashes and beneficial in treating skin problems in babies such as acne, eczema*.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera has amazing benefits for babies’ skin. It creates a protective layer on the skin that helps maintain moisture of the skin. Aloe vera also contains vitamin E B-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory agent. The presence of these components makes it very effective in dealing with nappy rashes.

With the power of a mom’s massage, and goodness of the ingredients mentioned above, a baby can be lulled into calmness quite easily. While coconut oil and aloe vera help nourish and moisturize a baby’s skin, mild fragrances of rosemary and lavender aid in soothing and relaxing a baby. These ingredients can do wonders and act as the perfect assistant for mothers while putting their babies to sleep.

Trust Vicks, for you and your baby

Extra care and attention is important when it comes to choosing the right baby product for our little ones. While shopping avenues are flooded with so many options that can confuse parents, trust that Vicks Babyrub is a ‘safe for baby’ product.


Keep the areas of application loosely covered to avoid accidental ingestion or slipping while walking. Read the label carefully. Use as directed.

*Do not apply Vicks BabyRub on baby’s hair and face.