Top Reasons Why Your Baby Is Being Fussy

Being a first-time parent isn’t easy. With the baby, you too have to start from scratch and learn new things every single day. Sometimes, things can get a bit overwhelming too, especially when your baby becomes fussy. But that’s when you need to understand the root of the problem and resolve it.

When your little one has not started talking yet, it can be challenging to know exactly what’s troubling them. Naturally, they could be fussy and crying when they’re uncomfortable or stressed out. That’s why we made a checklist to help first-time parents decode their baby’s language. Here’s how we can give our babies the best tender loving care possible:

How Can You Help Soothe Your Baby?

Understand Them

Your baby has different signs to communicate different things. It is important that you take the effort to recognise them. Let’s take a look at some of the most common signs:


Whenever your child starts getting a little irritable, try to understand their need. Sometimes, feeding them can help calm your baby down. Your baby will give you signs to help you understand when your baby is hungry. If your baby decides to put their hands in their mouth or smack their lips, fuss a bit and use their cheeks to find you; you should try feeding them.

Time to Change The Nappy

Your baby deserves to feel clean and fresh as opposed to staying in a wet or dirty nappy. Damp nappies can lead to rashes, which can make your baby uncomfortable. To avoid this, all you have to do is check your baby’s diaper every now and then; and change them after regular intervals.

Stomach Pain

If you have tried changing your baby’s diaper, feeding your baby or putting them to sleep and failed; your baby could be facing colic pain. Colic pain often starts and stops abruptly in your baby’s abdominal area. This gas or colic can make your baby irritable. The pain can last from hours to days, which will cause your baby a lot of distress and hours of crying, making it difficult for you as a parent to cope.

Besides gripe water, you can also try to put your baby on their back and move their legs in a gentle bicycle motion to relieve the pain.

Love and Attention

Sometimes, it is all about getting your attention. If your baby feels neglected even for a bit, they are bound to cry for attention. It is advisable to complete the household chores while your baby is in a playful mood or while they are fast asleep. So that you can give them your complete attention when they are cranky or awake.


Babies sleep a lot, sometimes, over 14 hours a day! They need enough sleep to rest and recoup. Once your baby turns three and if he or she is finding it difficult to sleep, you can gently massage them with a soothing rub like Vicks BabyRub. The mild natural ingredients and fragrances will help calm your baby. Thereby, helping them sleep better.

So, there you go! Keep an eye for these important signs and soothe your baby with ease. It can get a bit nerve-racking; but there’s always a solution. Simply give your baby a gentle massage with Vicks BabyRub to calm your baby and help them achieve quality sleep. Remember that a well-rested baby is a happy one.


Keep the areas of application loosely covered to avoid accidental ingestion or slipping while walking. Read the label carefully. Use as directed.