Witching Hour Survival Guide For First Time Moms

Ever faced a situation where you are at your wit’s end and your baby just refuses to eat, sleep or calm down? Often referred to as the dreadful witching hour; learning how to tackle it can either make or break new mothers. The witching hour could start in the afternoon or during the night and can make your little one whiney and tired. This usually sets in when your baby turns three to four months and faces sleep regression.

These difficult instances make it tough for young mothers to cope. Especially, if there’s no constant help and support. But this is far more common than you can imagine. So, don’t fret and simply follow this easy guide that can help you turn the witching hour into a happy one.

Witching Hour Survival: 101

Plan in advance

There’s a 99% chance that you will face this; so, why shy away? Start planning from Day 1. For example, you can sterilise toys or bottles when your baby is busy playing and give them your complete attention during the witching hour.

You can also cook meals in advance and freeze them, so that hectic days won’t have you struggling in the kitchen. Instead, you will have the time and mind space to take care of your child.

Household chores take second place

If the dishes and ironing can wait, then leave them be. Focus on soothing your child, so that you can finish your tasks, absolutely stress-free. It is always better to stop your child from crying, as they will simply become more agitated and the cycle will continue for hours.

Accept what you can’t change

It is impossible to completely avoid your baby’s fussy behaviour. Instead of worrying about why this happens, do things to help your baby relax. For example, changing a diaper may be all it takes to calm your baby. Find out what changes you can make to help your baby cope better.

Soothing massages for the win

You could help your baby sleep better by giving them a massage, aided with a soothing rub like Vicks BabyRub. It has natural ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil to help moisturize your baby, while the lavender and rosemary fragrances help soothe and calm your baby. This can go a long way in helping your baby deal with the witching hour.


Set the right mood for your baby to drift off into blissful sleep. Dim the lights, switch on the fan for white noise or sing a lullaby. Do what it takes to make your baby feel comfortable enough. Good rest can help your baby fight sleep regression.

Look after yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. It is important for you to take time out for yourself to unwind too. If your baby’s taking a nap in the afternoon, try to do the same. This way you will be able to recharge and be better equipped to help your baby outgrow the witching hour.

If your baby is in a playful mood and stays up longer than you imagined, you need to ensure that they get ample rest as well. A loving massage using Vicks BabyRub can help to soothe your overtired baby and help them fall asleep better, thereby giving you the key to managing the witching hour.


Keep the areas of application loosely covered to avoid accidental ingestion or slipping while walking. Read the label carefully. Use as directed.